I‘m playing photographer this Halloween and am looking for more parties and events to shoot. Do you have a Halloween party or event in NYC you want photographed (for FREE)?

Here‘s a portfolio of my Halloween & dress-up party work.

Note: I‘m just an amateur. I am not a professional photographer, or an adequate substitute for one. If you need professional photo services for your event, you need to hire a real professional photographer.

I‘m available Friday October 25 through Sunday October 27, and maybe on Thursday October 31 (Halloween itself). I‘m Brooklyn based, and can make it to most anywhere in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and parts of Queens that aren’t too far out.


  • Free, no charge.
  • I get free admission and free drinks.
  • I‘ll spend about an hour at your event.
  • You get full rights to do whatever you want with the photos from your event.
  • Anyone in the photographs gets the same full rights.
  • I retain copyright and full rights, and will publish the photos in my feeds, too.

For adult events:

If you’re running an “adult” event you want photographed, then:

  • Photos go only to the event organizer, and won‘t be published by me. It‘s up to the organizer to control distribution and redacting of the photos.
  • The event organizer also needs to discuss with me ahead of time which areas & activities are in-bounds and out-of-bounds for photos, and is responsible for communicating the photo policy to attendees.
  • I‘ll only photograph the PG-13 or R portions of the party. No NC-17 activity goes on film.
  • You must have controls in place to ensure there are no minors at the event.

My portfolio

See my full portfolio on Flickr.

My Halloween portfolio as of 2018